Creating a service to manage the complex ecosystem of a global tech giant.

Digital Universe

service design

The Challenge

The growing complexity of the Siemens portfolio has led to new buying processes with multiple touchpoints and stakeholders, making the visualization of processes an indispensable basis for decision-making.

The Solution

The service tool "Digital Universe" illustrates connectivity across multiple channels, bringing together numerous data points in a comprehensive overview. This helps Siemens teams to understand their digital landscape and enables them to streamline user journeys and plan transformations.

Creating a service tool to manage complexity

Our world is characterized by rapid technological change, new workplace dynamics and unprecedented supply chain challenges, creating new purchasing channels with multiple touch points and stakeholders. 

Faced with these challenges and an ever growing portfolio, Siemens set out to work with us on the development of a service tool that would radically reduce complexity and facilitate the work of the Siemens teams.

A Customer Insight and Experience Navigator.

"Digital Universe" is a dynamic, educational and informative application that maps key customer journeys. It creates a dialogue about the paths customers take to seek information, register as a customer, configure, buy and access self service solutions across the Siemens landscape.

Three ways to reduce complexity.

In our pursuit to simplify highly complex processes, one of the key pillars was the establishment of a uniform language and clearly defined designations. By ensuring that everyone involved is speaking the same language, miscommunications can be minimized, paving the way for smoother collaborations.

By using metaphors and symbols and visualizing abstract ideas in a way that connects to real-life experiences, we made complex structures tangible and relatable, increasing the user’s understanding and engagement.

Another important pillar to reduce complexity is the interaction design and a meaningful user guidance. Adopting a customer-centric mindset, helped to unravel complexity and create a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Streamlining Complex Customer Journeys.

By providing a comprehensive overview and illustrating complex customer journeys, „Digital Universe“ educates about the challenges faced by Siemens in the buying process. 

Different customer motivations, feature availabilities, functional performance, and ultimately the joy and frustration customers experience in their online and offline interactions with Siemens are made transparent.

This helps develop a deep understanding of what matters to prospects and customers, allowing Siemens to create impactful solutions that forge strong partnerships, drive sales, and build future loyal advocates within their customer base.

FLUID’s talented team of creatives elevates our work to a higher level. Their human-centered design approach and strong service perspective is exactly what Siemens needs to challenge norms and deliver quality solutions. 
Molly Ann Williams
Global Head of Customer Journeys, Siemens Digital Industries

Highlights & Capabilities

Just press play

To make complex topics easier to understand, we created interactive software prototypes, explanatory videos with animations and engaging storytelling. This helped us grab people's attention and make the information more accessible to them.

Collaboration for success

By closely working with & interviewing stakeholders, we were able to discover the main issues they faced and use that knowledge to design a way of showing information at different levels of detail. This approach helps to give proper context to even the smallest problems.