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Barryvox S2

avalanche transceiver

The Challenge

Expand Mammut's successful Barryvox lineup by introducing the next generation lead product, the Barryvox S2, building on its strong, established design DNA and Swiss roots. Support Mammut's team in preparing for a successful launch.

The Solution

The design of the strategically important flagship product Barryvox S2 elevates the product family to the next level. Through close collaboration with Mammut's engineering and development teams, we enhanced the physical and digital user experience, design quality, style and performance. Our support extended to the creation of an impactful CGI video clip for a successful market launch.

Designing the next key product for a market leader

After our previous collaboration with Mammut on their existing product portfolio, our client approached us to support in designing their next top-of-the-line product, intended to lead and expand their highly successful product range for 2024.

Drawing on valuable feedback from avalanche experts and field users, we collaborated closely with the Mammut teams to design the Barryvox S2. It is built on a new technical platform, providing enhanced performance and usability in a smaller, more wearable form factor. We took the rich Barryvox Swiss heritage and design DNA and created this lead device that expresses both uncompromised usability and reliability with a distinctive outdoor sports style. For this, we were able to shape and evolve both the physical product design and the on-screen user-interface.

Setting the bar within the industry

The Barryvox S2 is not only more compact and high-performing but also effectively addresses the needs for reliability and robustness in extremely rough outdoor situations. Its housing is designed using solid, rubberized surfaces, providing extra protection, enhanced grip and a comfortable hand-fit.

The thorough and strategic design approach has positioned the Barryvox S2 as a new benchmark within the industry, seamlessly integrating into the existing product family while also indicating the direction in which this product category will develop in the future.

Collaborating with FLUID was instrumental in crafting an even more intuitive user interface for the new Barryvox S2. Together, we’ve not only enhanced usability but also heightened the potential to save lives by providing optimal support during the most stressful phase of an avalanche rescue.
Jaqueline Miler
Product Manager Avalanche Safety, Mammut Sports Group AG

Highlights & Capabilities

Focusing on ultimate UX in the UI

The innovative larger high-resolution and low-glare screen enabled us to rethink the graphical user interface, focusing on easy and clear interaction and guidance during both crucial search modes under stress. Additionally, all essential physical interaction elements, including the search/send mode-selector and buttons, were redesigned for improved usability on the slope. This not only enhances usability but also contributes to a faster, more efficient search, increasing the probability of successfully saving more lives in the field.

Supporting a successful market launch

With our CGI and visual communication services, we helped Mammut in preparing for a successful product launch. Storyboards, graphic visualizations and animations were used to create an impactful, fully CGI-generated product trailer highlighting all new product features and helping Mammut's marketing and product teams set the tone for their new flagship product.