Designing an intuitive drug delivery device range to empower patients in self-injection.


drug delivery device

The Challenge

The challenge at hand for SANOFI was to establish an own unique and distinctive industrial design for disposable auto-injectors that would set them apart in the market while providing users with a positive experience.

The Solution

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape of auto- injectors, we developed a unique industrial design to position SANOFI in the mechanical auto-injector market. As part of this work, we developed an industrial design language that would give all auto-injectors a neutral and appealing appearance while embodying the disposable nature of the product.

An auto-injector platform for multiple drugs and dosages

The SANOFI auto-injector devices should obtain a dedicated shape best suited for auto-injection,rather than following the footsteps of other devices.

Shape and colors are adjustable to accommodatea wide range of different SANOFI drug brands.

The design of the distinctive cap enhances user-friendliness and intuitive handling for patients.

A reassuring patient experience

We conducted research on the patient journey and their concerns and fears, resulting in the industrial design of an auto-injector that delivers a reassuring user experience, promoting a sense of trust and ease of use.

Highlights & Capabilities

Usability and human factors engineering

Based on usability studies with potential users and combined with SANOFI’s technical design prowess, we designed an auto-injector that offers clear usage instructions and minimizes errors.
Its ergonomic shape encourages users to instinctively hold it correctly during injection, while the cap's design features provide intuitive indications and a secure grip, ensuring safe and efficient use.

Our drug delivery expertise

Our experience from numerous projects and proficiency in designing complex drug delivery devices enable us to grasp the critical impact of design in this complex field.