Can we predict the future? Can we as designers manipulate the future? If we can, how do we do that?

At our latest FLUID lunch talk, Pauline presented her master thesis “The future thinking toolkit”.

Instead of being driven by short term hypes, her goal was to find a way to make conscious choices and develop a sustainable strategic approach for our clients.

202217 Lunchtalk Illutration Cards2 backroundrauschen

We were excited to get to know the playful and creative set of tools she developed: a practical toolkit that supports us to design positive futures which can act as visions in organisations.

202217 Lunchtalk Illutration Cards backroundrauschen2

As we at FLUID innovate together with our clients and offer support when it comes to explore unknown futures, we were especially interested in that topic and happy to accompany and support Pauline during the last months as she came closer and closer to the finish line.

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And she did it - yeah!

We are exited to start making use of those tools and help map the future for our clients.