December 2018

Xmas @ FLUID

On Friday, it was Xmas time at FLUID!

We started in the early afternoon when Secret Santa and FLUID delivered beautiful presents ...

FLUID Xmas 2.0

FLUID Xmas 3.0

FLUID Xmas 4.0

... before we left to take a guided tour through ”Kunstlabor“, a temporary exhibition at the former Tengelmann headquarters. 50 local and international street artists took over the building and artistically reinterpreted 5,000 square meters of interior and exterior space. Amazing! 

FLUID Xmas 7

FLUID Xmas 8

FLUID Xmas 9

FLUID Xmas 10

After having „Glühwein“ on the „Alte Utting“, an excursion boat from the Ammersee that anchored on a railroad bridge in Munich’s „Schlachthofviertel“...

FLUID Xmas 5

FLUID Xmas 6

... we had a delicious dinner and drinks at the beautiful Röcklplatz restaurant and celebrated until late at night.

FLUID Xmas 11

FLUID Xmas 13

FLUID Xmas 12

by Katja Brandenbusch
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