March 2019

Save the Date: Open Studio Event at FLUID

Creativity is everywhere!

Creativity is not limited to certain groups of people. It can be found in very different, above all, the most unexpected areas. 

During the Munich Creative Business Week MCBW, on March 12, 18h30 -22 pm we invite you to witness interesting speakers from diverse fields shedding light on how creativity is an essential part of their success. 

You can register here: https://bit.ly/2BKthIT

Our speakers are:

Jochen Hirschfeld, director/photographer

FLUID MCBW Jochen Hirschfeld portrait klein

Jochen Hirschfeld is a Munich-based commercial director who loves concept and character-driven stories, stop motion animation and stunts. He is the happiest when traveling the world in the company of a good pipe and a cocktail.


Anders Warming, Danish automotive designer

FLUID MCBW Anders Warming Portrait klein2

Anders Warming is a Danish automotive designer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of automotive design (BMW, MINI, Volkswagen & Borgward). He has been responsible for multiple BMW Exterior designs, including the groundbreaking design for the Exterior of the BMW Z4. He acted as chief designer at MINI and most recently headed the design at Borgward.


Lukas Motejzik, top player in the German bar business

FLUID MCBW Lukas Motejzik portrait 2 klein

Lukas Motejzik is one of the top players in the German bar business. As partner and operator of four outstandingly successful bar concepts, the 30-year-old has set benchmarks far beyond the city limits of Munich.


Dr. Peter Neumann, plastic surgeon

FLUID MCBW Dr Peter Neumann portrait klein

Dr. med. Peter Neumann devotes his creativity to the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Eight years after finishing his human medicine studies and gathering experience in various positions, he specialized and qualified as a plastic surgeon. Today Peter works in his group practice “aesthetic and soul” in Munich.

Look forward to an interesting evening that might shift your perspective on what it means to be creative.

You can register here: https://bit.ly/2BKthIT

by Katja Brandenbusch
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