August 2020

Matthis as juror at Mia Seeger Award

What if?

Speculating about how things could be transforms design into a means of imagining possible futures. The „What if?“ question is key when it comes to Speculative Design.

At this year’s Mia Seeger Design Award 2020, many students entering their projects raised this central question. Matthis Hamann, our managing partner and co-founder was there for the 5th time in his function as a juror.

He states that, compared to the years before, there were more than twice as many submissions - despite the corona crisis (or because of it?), an even broader spectrum and many more entries in the field of Service and Speculative Design. According to Matthis, this certainly reflects a trend of our time.

The Mia Seeger Design Award attracts numerous design students each year to come up with innovative and meaningful solutions. The focus is on social benefit: product designs and concepts that deal with important aspects of our lives and coexistence.

The Mia Seeger Prize is awarded by the The Design Center Baden-Württemberg, which is run by the state of Baden-Württemberg and provides information and advice about professional design. As part of the promoting trade and industry, they especially offer small and medium-sized enterprises guidance on current design topics.

by Katja Brandenbusch
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