lunch talk
May 2019

The importance of materials

Exploring materials

This week's FLUID lunch talk was all about materials. Our guest speaker was Efrat Friedland, founder of materialscout, a Munich-based material consultancy focusing on materials research and strategy.

While shape and form of products become more and more reduced and simple, material as a means of design differentiation, design expression, tactile experience, technical performance but also sustainability becomes increasingly important. Understanding and identifying material possibilities in product design and offering our clients ways to stand out in their markets with innovative materials is crucial to us. By integrating material-research and -technology from the very beginning of the design process and weaving it into the entire product development, materials contribute to a large amount to a product's and our clients' success.

About Efrat

Efrat is an internationally active material consultant, specialized in bringing new materials and finish-processes to the field of design.
She has a broad experience as a material specialist, has lectured about materials in design at various conferences worldwide and has taught material technologies for designers at numerous academies. Efrat has curated material related exhibitions and regularly writes articles for professional design magazines.

Click here to find out more about Efrat and materialscout.

FLUID materialscout crowd

FLUID materialscout image3 Kopie

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by Katja Brandenbusch
photos / illustrations Stefan Markiewicz
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