August 2017

LUNAR Europe is now FLUID

Topping decade of solid success, LUNAR Europe becomes FLUID

Munich, Germany (10 August 2017) – For ten years, one small office in Munich has had a big impact on the evolution of international design. Now, after a decade of growth and global awards, that agency is evolving once again. Starting today, LUNAR Europe is stepping forward as a new and independent brand: FLUID.

For owners Roman Gebhard and Matthis Hamann, who turned this Munich start-up into a global leader, it's a natural next step. "For us, FLUID is more than a name," says Gebhard. "It's the way we work, ready to learn and adapt, in a very fast-moving field."

Starting as partners with California-based LUNAR Design, the Munich team defied expectations from the start. Emphasizing innovation as much as design, they built expertise across multiple industries, from consumer electronics to specialized medical equipment. Their cross-discipline solutions led to prize-winning designs for Bosch, Novartis, Siemens, Sennheiser, Deutsche Telekom, Huawei and many others. After ten years of growth, some may question why the Munich team is choosing to relaunch as FLUID.

"This latest move is going to surprise a lot of people," acknowledges Hamann, "and not for the first time. We've always believed that design is about change, adding skills, and questioning the path you took to your last solution."

The success of that singular approach helped them to outgrow their offices earlier this year, and design new studios for an expanding staff. "We used to work in separate teams, across two properties," explains Gebhard. "But we noticed that our best solutions often came from bringing our experts together, brainstorming and inspiring each other."

International design juries noticed too, awarding them many of the field's top honours, including the prestigious IF Gold Award, the Red Dot Best of the Best, German Design Gold, IDSA Gold and, with their former partners in California, the coveted Cooper Hewitt National Design Award.

It was shortly after this success, that global consultancy McKinsey tried to acquire both LUNAR Design and LUNAR Europe. While their California colleagues chose to join McKinsey, the Munich team decided to maintain their creative independence.

"We couldn't be more proud of our last decade with LUNAR", says Gebhard, "and more excited about starting the next one as FLUID."

"Then and now," adds Hamann, "our best work has always been our latest project. Each new assignment benefits from our entire evolution, every challenge, discovery, breakthrough. Which is why, after ten years of amazing work with amazing clients, this is the best way to start our new decade: Bringing together all of our skills and experience as FLUID, a new and independent brand that will continue changing the face of international design."  

FLUID is an international award-winning design and innovation consultancy located in Munich. The team of 25 researchers, strategists and designers with international experience works in close partnership with their clients of all industries and sizes: from startups, small and medium-sized businesses all the way to some of the world's most renowned international brands and companies.   


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FLUID Design GmbH
Fraunhoferstrasse 23H
80469 Munich, Germany

by Katja Brandenbusch
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