March 2019

Digital Nature – Lifestyles of the Future

Konica Minolta's Workplace Hub at Munich airport

We are very happy that Konica Minolta's "Workplace Hub" is part of the exhibition "Digital Nature" that started beginning of march 2019 at the airport Munich. With our strategic support, Konica Minolta developed the scalable IT platform Workplace Hub, an open, innovative and flexible all-in-one-IT solution that provides a better experience to employees. 

FLUID Konica at airport 1

Read more on Workplace Hub here.

The exhibition "Digital Nature" is organized by bayern design in cooperation with Munich Airport. It shows visions & concepts for lifestyles of the future. To see it, visit the check-in area of Terminal 2 on level 04. It will be up and running until May 15th, 2019.

FLUID Konica at airport 2

As one of a five-part exhibition series, "Digital Nature" shows lifestyles of the future and provides answers to the following questions: what does digital transformation mean for mankind, and what is its immediate effect on the life of every single individual? Nine exhibits show future visions from the fields of wearables, automation, eco-design, work environments of the future, and democratization of design.

FLUID and Konica at airport collage 1.2FLUID and Konica at airport collage 1.1


by Katja Brandenbusch
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