IFA 2019
September 2019

FLUID at IFA 2019

FLUID at IFA 2019: What’s New? 

The annual global technology fair IFA is a long-awaited event for many companies and tech enthusiasts like us. In product development, this is considered a deadline for many companies and an opportunity for them to showcase their work. The battle for the best flagship is an every year tradition.

FLUID at IFA2019 1

FLUID at IFA2019 3

This year was big on large bendable OLEDs from LG

Alongside screens and TVs, Google is pushing its Android TV OS into as many brands as possible. Based on the soon to be released gaming cloud Stavia, this seems to be a strategic approach in becoming an even stronger anchor in customers homes. 

Just like last year, the focus on the Google and Alexa compatibility was strong, but it shifted a bit more to voice assistant use-cases. This indicates that the two tech giants might have established themselves within the home appliance sector.

One of our clients, BSH Hausgeräte, revealed their newly updated Home Connect app. The app intelligently connects all BSH appliances. Home Connect demonstrated all of its functionality by means of a theatrical play showcasing how a connected home can help in everyday situations. 

Our joint project "What’s for Dinner", part of Home Connect, was also presented. "What’s for Dinner" is a fun meal recommendation tool running on powerful machine learning algorithms to help you find and plan your dinner. The service learns with the user and combines multiple recipe platforms in one place.

FLUID at IFA2019 4

FLUID at IFA2019 5

FLUID at IFA2019 6

BSH presented their fully updated Home Connect together with the powerful meal recommendation service „What’s for Dinner“

The past few years we saw a rise of agentive robots. While many companies followed this trend as it combined technology with voice assistants, we saw several come to life and die in 2019. During this year's IFA it seemed to be a falling trend. Throughout the whole day, we only saw SoftBank’s Pepper standing lonely in the Microsoft space while an old man was beating it and looking for a reaction. Another was following his masters while playing Reggae music.

FLUID at IFA2019 7

We too have been involved in robot projects, so we know very well about the challenges accompanied by creating an artificial being while still adding value. It might be that in the end, the advantages do not outweigh the costs, complexity and often-times clunkiness of these beings. 

 FLUID at IFA2019 8

IFA is also a reflection of societal trends in technology. We saw a wide variety of e-scooters. Many urban cities have probably noticed the rise of scooter-sharing companies. Scooter manufacturers were encouraging visitors to drive around on their newest scooters within a secured track inside the fairs floors.

FLUID at IFA2019 9

One of our key competence fields here at FLUID is the medical sector. So it was great to see so many MedTech startups using the latest tech to tackle the needs of the ill and disabled. One of them was an exoskeleton from ExoAtlet whose missions is to help people walk and move again through supporting their impaired locomotive functions.

Another interesting area was the rise of cloud-based AI, it was visible that many see the potential in creating use-cases for cultivating the AI as the core of their product. This was present for many companies at IFA. The start ups now differentiated through their focus areas. We spoke to a French startup owner whose product is focused on a family-centric voice assistant.

To us, visiting the IFA every year is a must-do as it means gaining an impression of what's happening in the industry and getting a feels for the newest trends. Many come to make big deals, some showcase their work, while others, like us, come to see our work and get an idea of where the consumer electronics industry is heading.











by Stefan Markiewicz
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