Critical & Speculative Design
December 2020

Lecture @ Social Entrepreneurship Academy

FLUID team member and Design Strategist Julian gave a lecture about Critical & Speculative Design at the Social Entrepreneurship Academy in Munich.

"For me, the fields of Critical & Speculative Design and Social Entrepreneurship in many ways complement one another", he says. "People seeking to become social entrepreneurs want to solve social challenges with whatever tool works best. They are pro-actively getting in between spaces (Entre-), take them on (-preneurs), mold and shape them; and as they take a leap into the unknown, they create what's yet to come."

According to Julian, Critical and Speculative Designers are different because they do not work from the problem-solution paradigm but from the position of exploring the depth of things; and raise awareness and open up the debate about social issues through the creation of fictional, object-based scenarios. They expose unnamed human realities and shift our perspective through their exploration of alternative future realities.

In this view, Critical & Speculative Designers and Social Entrepreneurship both play an integral part in the discussion of how we might advance the human condition sustainably.

Julian Talk 4

by Julian Krauss
photos / illustrations Sebastian Planck
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