March 2019

Creativity is everywhere: How true!

Tuesday night, we welcomed more than 200 guests joining us for our FLUID Open Studio Event. Aligned with our motto "Creativity is everywhere!", we had the privilege to host four amazing speakers from very diverse fields, who shared with us what creativity means to them and how it is part of their work and success.


Jochen Hirschfeld, commercial director with a passion for storytelling, talked about his creative processes, about how antagonists like (bad) briefings, restrictions and obstacles can actually help in finding creative solutions. And how the simple question "What If..." cannot only trigger your brain and start off the creative process, but can also be a game changer and the solution to everything. Jochen also showed us examples of his creative results, one of which was MINImalism, an award-winning spot he created for BMW - very impressive.


The very title of plastic surgeon Dr Peter Neumann's talk made us curious: "Creativity - curse or blessing. A little voyage into the world of aesthetic surgery". Peter presented pictures of people and celebrities who underwent plastic surgery with very questionable results. According to him, aesthetic surgery should be done in a way that it does not change the natural way someone looks and he stressed how important it is to really take the time to advise beforehand - including the possibility of not undertaking surgery at all. It was very interesting to witness a plastic surgeon challenging his industry with a healthy sense of criticism.


Sabine Magnet, poet, writer, and journalist not only ensured our female quota, she also inspired us all when speaking about how we are all inherently creative and full of ideas. She mentioned how a culture of failure and mistakes not only helps but is actually a necessity in order to let ideas and creativity flow. "Being ok that it (the result) is just ok" is something that she also needed to learn - and then she demonstrated that she truly walks her talk: on stage, she wrote an impromptu poem for us on her mechanical typewriter. Amazing.


Automotive designer Anders Warming completed our creativity talks, taking us into the world of his passion: automotive design. Anders not only shared with us creative stages that he was part of professionally when designing cars for BMW, Mini and Borgward, but also the tools he uses to fuel the creative process. Dealing with the ‘What?’ and the ‘How?’ can be very realistic and pragmatic, he said, but when it comes to the ‘Why’, your own real deep and personal creativity is required.

“Always go a little further out into the water than you feel you are capable of being in". What a great quote to end his talk with.


A heartfelt THANK YOU to our wonderful speakers who made our night a very memorable and inspiring experience as well as the great crowd of numerous guests who came to our studio.




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by Katja Brandenbusch
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