Design Summit
November 2018

What do you call home?

Last Thursday, Johanna from FLUID attended the AD MAGAZINE DESIGN SUMMIT 2018. One of the questions that were being discussed revolved around home:

When and where do we feel at home?

This question used to be very easy to answer. But today - with people moving from one place to another frequently and living spaces getting smaller and smaller in ever-growing cities, it becomes a tough one. The concept of a home being a shelter between four brick walls is shifting towards a more abstract form. 

Patricia Urquiola, Spanish interior designer and one of the speakers at AD Design Summit 2018, proposed the statement that we feel at home the most when we connect with the people close to us. That means, our home can be anywhere we have access to the internet. 

Will our phone be our new home in the future? Or can a car be the new living room, where we socialize and spend time with family and friends? 

As Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of Design at BMW Group suggests, cars will be able to drive and park themselves autonomously in a few years, which will give people time and private space in a hectic city life. In his vision, “shy tech” will make the car of the future feel more like a comfortable sofa hiding any knobs and other controlling devices behind intelligent surfaces.

Niklas Maak (editor of feuilleton FAZ, professor for architecture at Harvard, author) sees the future of our living spaces very differently. As we already buy and sell things, work and socialize from our bedrooms on our laptops, he sees the reasons to move to the city diminish. That could counteract the developing of mega-cities we face today. According to him, people will be able to move back to the countryside – as well as production sites. This will make locally produced and sourced products possible again. This might mean for us, that mass production -  low quality at minimum costs - which is currently a big part of the industry and draining our resources can change into a much more thoughtful and circular economy in the near future. 

In the end, it doesn´t matter what we call home – a phone, laptop, car, tiny city apartment or generous cottage house. We all need a dedicated space to recharge and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones.

photos / illustrations Johanna Sailer
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